Urban and business flooring frequently uses epoxy floor treatments. To create an elevated, clean as well as a long-lasting surface that can handle heavy volumes and survive for many generations, epoxy flooring is typically put over concrete slabs. But, on cleaned or finished concrete, epoxy might not adhere. So, for optimum adhesion, a surface layer needs a somewhat rough structure. Additionally, the concrete should finish curing. It's crucial to fix and mend any significant fractures and breaks in the hard floor before applying epoxy floor treatment and to clean up any grease. Epoxy surfaces are used extensively in industrial settings, factories, and commercial establishments to maintain hygienic and secure environments for personnel, machinery, and stock. 

Preparation And Application

The epoxy coating for the floor consists of two components, one is epoxy or resin, and another is hardener. Before applying they are mixed. Additives like UV inhibitors, flow control, accelerators, etc. are also mixed with them.