A form of ducting pipe that can be easily bent at different angles is called flexible ducting. These flexible ducting supplies are constructed from elastic materials, including polyurethane (PU)and PVC, and it frequently includes a steel spiral wire for further flexibility. Some items, such as flexible acoustic ducting, feature insulation layers made of aluminium and even fiberglass (insulated ducting).

To meet the requirements of industrial procedures and other applications, there are numerous alternatives available on the market for flexible ducting supplies.

Different types

Let's take a closer look at the wide varieties of flexible ducting that are offered on the market, as well as the sizes that are accessible. Various forms of flexible ducting-

  • Acoustic,
  • Rectangular PVC,
  • Semi-flex,
  • Combi,
  • High-temperature silicone,
  • Wyrem flex,
  • Metal,
  • Vacuum hose,
  • Replacement welding arm flex,
  • Aluminum Flexible,
  • Aluminum Insulated Ducting,
  • Polyurethane (PU),
  • Flexible Aluminum,
  • Flexible Aluminium Ducting,
  • Polyurethane (PU).

Flexible Ducting

Flexible ducting made of polyurethane comes in a variety of varieties. The polyurethane duct comes in a range of capacities, from mild to heavy. Where applications call for it, food-grade and antistatic ducting are also available. Both come in sizes ranging from 50mm to 300mm.

The diameter of aluminium flexible ducting ranged from 80 to 500 mm. That applies to both the regular and the insulated ducting options. The diameters of the flexible acoustic ducting range from 80mm to 400mm.

There are two sizes of rectangular flex options: 110x54mm and 204x60mm. 80mm to 250mm is the size range for semi-flex. Unlike the combi flex, which is offered in a conventional 6m length and has a wider size range from 80mm to 500mm.

The alternatives for temperature resistance are offered in lengths of 4 meters and diameters ranging from 32mm to 305mm. Thanks to its vivid red colour, you can quickly distinguish it from other products. In fact, they serve as a signal to workers that a hot combination is flowing through the hose.

Wyrem hose is an additional sturdy and long-lasting flex. Obtainable in lengths of 6 meters in typical sizes ranging from 100mm to 300mm in diameter.

A maximum length of 20 meters is offered for the sale of metal flex, which is available in sizes ranging from 82 to 203mm in diameter. The vacuum hose, which comes in widths ranging from 25mm to 50mm and is once again supplied by the meter, is the only flexible hose with a smaller diameter.

160mm diameter welding arm flex is an alternative duct that may be used with your flexible extraction arms. This is available in 6-metre lengths and is simply shortened to fit the length of your exact arm.

Last but not least, there are two lengths of car exhaust ducting pipes that range in size from 75mm to 150mm: five and ten- meter sections.

Advantages Of Flexible Ducting Supplies

  • Flexibility is the main advantage of employing those products.
  • The hoses could be installed inside walls and other pieces of machinery, such as the flexible extraction arm, cooker hood extraction, and many others.
  • Other ducting products can hardly match the characteristics of antistatic and food-grade alternatives.
  • The majority of flexible duct hoses are also capable of withstanding integral pressures that would easily rip other items in half.


In the manufacturing industries, flexible ducting supplies are widely employed. Flex duct hoses are used in welding processes as fume extraction systems. To control the CO2 levels in the shop, dyno shops use automotive exhaust extraction ducting. The food business can benefit from the use of such products, which are often put to use in the process of transporting components from one production line to another. Or it might be built into robots and other pieces of production equipment.

Because of their antistatic properties, certain flexible ducting products are an excellent choice for transporting hazardous gases. The use of the identical components in dust extraction systems is done with the intention of lowering the probability of electrostatic ignition brought on by combustible dust particles. Due to its capacity to endure higher temperatures than certain other types of flexible ducting, semi-flex is frequently used in culinary extraction.


A novice man could easily be duped into purchasing the incorrect flexible ducting supplies, or at the very least, one that is not best for him. Not to worry. Read this article before you buy it.